8.5 × 11 2up labelụ avery labelụ

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2UP,8.5”x11”,2 labels per sheet High quality white laser labels – Work in laser and inkjet printers. Ensure high Quality Standards of Adhesives specially to withstand Inkjet, Laser printers. PAck of 100 sheets  Ideal for home & office use. Use for addressing, Parceling, Shipping, Coding & Labeling etc. 

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2UP, 8.5 "x11", 2 kpọọ kwa mpempe akwụkwọ

Elu àgwà ọcha laser kpọọ - Work na laser na inkjet na-ebi akwụkwọ.

Hụ na elu Quality Standards nke Adhesives akpan idi inkjet, Laser na-ebi akwụkwọ.

Mkpọ 100 Ibé akwụkwọ

 Ezigbo maka home & ụlọ ọrụ were. Jiri agwa okwu, Parceling, Mbupu, nzuzo & labeling wdg 

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