A4 integrated labelụ 110x60mm

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A4 integrated labelsA paper form and adhesive label in a A4 size sheet. Compatible with laser and inkjet printers.  Application : Print packing lists or invoices and shipping labels on the same sheet Works with popular shipping software from PayPal® ,UPS, USPS etc.  

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A4 ike labelsA akwụkwọ ụdị na nyagide labelụ na a A4 size mpempe akwụkwọ.

Ò Kwekọrọ n'Ozizi na laser na inkjet na-ebi akwụkwọ.

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Bipute mbukota anatara ma ọ bụ invoices na mbupu kpọọ na otu mpempe akwụkwọ

Na-arụ ọrụ na-ewu ewu na mbupu software si PayPal®, gbasie, USPS wdg


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